Lisa’s blend of innocence and curiosity put her on a sensual journey to TrufElle. She met her husband while still in high school and after 25 years she became well aware she had to find ways to keep the passion exciting in her marriage. It was around this time that she started experimenting with herbs and chocolates as aphrodisiacs. She was so excited about her sensuality being re-ignited she could not keep it to herself. Suddenly, a once reserved Lisa started talking about sensual desires to anyone interested in the conversation.

Paula and Kelly were fortunate enough to be the guinea pigs that helped Lisa perfect her delicious TrufElle chocolates. After experiencing the benefits of TrufElle these two ladies also became inspired to learn more about and share in the discussions of sensuality.

Lisa started the conversation by asking everyone these 3 questions:

– When was the last time you and your husband kissed with passion?

– When was the last time you had vacation sex at home?

– Do you want to look at your husband the way you did when you first met?

All three of us experienced our sensual desires being re-ignited in our own amazing ways through TrufElle. We became so passionate about our new found awakened journey we wanted to find ways to open this path to others. As women with varying demands we know life can take over and sex can take a back seat, often for years. It didn’t take us long to realize that many regular women like ourselves need a place to talk and learn about sensual desires that is safe and educational. This is why TrufElle is more than just chocolates. TrufElle is a movement that provides the tools through chocolates, resources, connections and events to facilitate the awakening of your inner desires and sexuality.

We are committed to sharing the education and products that reignite that feeling of intensity and intimacy with your love. One where you can escape life’s demands and together rediscover each other through passion, laughter and connection.

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