Do you feel sexually or creatively blocked? Perhaps your emotions and energy are out of balance, or you simply have no time to focus on yourself and your own needs. The ancient practice of yoni massage with the modern variation referred to as “OMing – Orgasmic meditation” offers a solution to these issues.

Join us on June 14, 2019 for a TrufElle 2.0 experience session. Along with live demo with Julia Kovacs, observe how to give a OM and yoni massage. Witness how to do it yourself, and perhaps teach your man how to do it to you.

Learn 3 techniques on how to give a massage to your yoni. The main goal is really about healing and awakening pleasure, it’s meant to be a powerful, transformational experience to embrace your “sacred space where life comes from”

About Julia
Julia Kovacs
Julia is a globetrotting multi-lingual renaissance woman who begun her life in Hungary. She received her degrees in German and Italian at the University of Florence in Italy, and the University of Calgary. She has spent the last thirty years studying and practicing personal development, including Landmark, MindPower, Course in Miracles, and Louise Hay, and so much more. During her travels she has explored her own spirituality with many different faiths. When you meet Julia, the first thing you’ll notice is her fiery wild red hair, and energetic personality. Often the spark plug that ignites a thought provoking dialogue, she has shown people a more exciting lifestyle, or philosophy. Her experience and knowledge make her the perfect adventure guide as she is known for introducing new and exciting experiences to others to enhance and transform their lives. As a lifetime practitioner of yoga, she brings calm and balance into the energetic bodywork/healing service that she offers. These services help individuals to overcome their psychological, emotional and physical blockages related to their sensuality and sexuality, leading them to bliss and confidence.

Julia is dedicated to empowering everyone to live life orgasmically. She accomplishes this by working with men and women individually, and in groups, to overcome their past conditioning related to intimacy. The goal is to teach people how to live an orgasmic life each moment of their waking hour. Julia works to change the paradigms of the public’s perception of sex, evolving from shameful junk sex to sacred gourmet sex.

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