August 11, 2018

TrufElle Teaser Birthday Soiree

Date: August 11, 2018

Happy Birthday to our beloved Lisa Chan. It was truly an epic birthday party, with guest speaker, Dr. Petra Pzebroff. Ladies gathered and enjoyed games to understand arousal types, gourmet dinner over sexy conversation, massage, comedic guest fashion show with catwalk and burlesque style dancing, hot tub and karaoke.

Speaker 1: Dr. Petra Pzebroff
Petra is a sexologist certified by the American College of Sexologists she has written for Huff Post,, Bloom, Sexlife magazine and belongs to several professional organizations including the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, ISSWSH and AASECT. Petra is uniquely specialized in female sexuality from her studies in women’s sexuality to her experience in running an online magazine and store in women’s sexuality for 13 years.

Speaker 2: Laska Freeman
Laska Maria Freeman is the owner operator at Laskamaria’s parties with a sexy twist. She has been involved in the adult novelty industry for over 17 years, offering intimate products through in-home parties for women and couples.

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