October 13, 2018

TrufElle Cocktail and Cigar Party

Date: October 13, 2018

Our first TrufElle Cocktail and Cigar Co-Ed Party was a huge success! This provocative and enlightening evening was designed to deepen intimacy and love through two illuminating interactive workshops, TrufElle chocolates, dinner, drinks & some fun dancing lessons. Thank you to everyone, especially the guys, in joining us for this event. We always knew the Trufelled Girls have tons of laugh and fun, now we know the men can too!At Trufelle we want you to feel safe and lower your fears so you can build deeper intimacy and love.

Speaker 1: Dr. Nima Rahmany presents Discover the 5 Ultimate Shifts to Deepen Intimacy
Dr. Nima Rahmany is a Rapping and Salsa Dancing Chiropractor and Nervous System Regulation expert. After Overcoming his lifelong struggle with anxiety, he now has transformed his practice to a world-wide online community teaching principles of Alignment in Relationships and Business to liberate people from anxiety, stress, and feelings of disconnection in their lives so they can develop greater levels of intimacy and Emotional Intelligence.
Topics: the why and the what of deepening the bond of a relationship
● Why triggers happen
● Why you lose your shit
● What to do about it
● From breakdowns to breakthroughs
● How to shift reactivity to responsiveness so your partner can be more truthful

Speaker 2: Lee­Ann Frances Bates presents Tantra with a Touch of Kink
Lee­Ann Frances Bates is on a mission to help women and couples reclaim and master the art of intimacy with themselves, others and sexually. Lee­Ann brings her full self to all her offerings and draws from 20 years of experience plus an array of modalities, tools and disciplines to meet you where you are at and ensure your success.

“Enjoy an informative, luscious and playful demonstration of conscious connection. Lee-Ann lovingly teaches and shows you how to connect with your partner/lover more deeply, powerfully and sensually. Learn techniques to become more present, connect more deeply with ease and release any limitations to greater intimacy and love. Throughout this playshop you will learn how to become a more conscious lover, how to create more pleasure for your partner and how to get creative in bed with little touches of kinky fun designed to spice things up and keep it hot! This is a must attend event if you desire more intimacy, connection, pleasure or heat in your relationships or you are just feeling ready to explore. Suitable for all experience levels”

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