Trufelle Cocktail and Cigar Party

Getting Over the “F” Word with Trufelle

  • Written by Ev – written from the perspective of a TrufElled Attendee to the TrufElle Cocktail and Cigar Party –


No, I don’t mean that “F” word; I mean the word “fine”.

Being “fine” is similar to the kiss of death. It sucks the air out of a relationship, especially one that’s lasted for 20 years. But not if you have Trufelle.


Flirting Without Sex as a Result

The co-founders, Lisa and Paula, invited me to a TrufElle party last Saturday and asked me to come with an open mind. The theme? “Flirting Without a Cause”. There would be “playshops” for people interested in experiencing a deeper connection to themselves and their partner with the ‘rappin’ chiropractor, Dr. Nima Rahmany, and a sexy, fun conversation with Lee-Ann Frances Bates, a tantric specialist and intimacy authority.

Intrigued? So was I.

Lisa greeted me with a little bite-sized chocolate TrufElle. When I popped one of the chocolates and crunched through the outer shell, it burst in my mouth with a silky smooth ganache. It’s easy to get hooked on them; they are tantalizing.

Couples and singles arrived. The community vibe was friendly, open to chatting about what the evening might entail. After a quick ice-breaker question about our style of flirting, Dr. Nima took the floor.


Playshops for Singles & Couples

I have never met a rappin’ chiropractor before and was very surprised to hear him spit out rhymes around ‘The Battle of the Ego’ (his own personal journey). Nima explained how to awaken the doctor/healer within yourself so you can get what you want from yourself and your partner. The problems that arise in relationships (especially long-term ones) aren’t a reflection of your partner; it’s about addressing your own personal issues to release the trauma your body has held on for so long. Nima studied with other teachers using breathwork to heal past traumas, combining it with his own magic to create ‘The Overview Method’. There were several clear moments when everyone understood what it meant to let go of the past in order to move forward.



Dinner was a sumptuous feast for the eyes and senses, some dishes cooked by Lisa’s husband, Dave, a former chef. Succulent lamb that fell of the bone, sushi, fresh salad, crisp green beans with roma tomatoes sprinkled with a hint of parmesan, grilled vegetables, and crackling pig’s belly. I wasn’t sure if it was the Trufelle that fueled my appetite but I definitely wanted more!


BDSM and Kink 101

After dinner, Lee-Ann Bates guided us on an adventure about BDSM and kink, and what it would look like in the bedroom. She even brought props! A suede flogger, which feels gentle against the skin even when “whipping” someone, is fun for a novice. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, the leather paddle would help your partner pay more attention if they’ve been naughty. Through it all, Lee-Ann emphasized the importance of learning what you or your partner like and most of all, getting their consent. She demonstrated how to do tantric eye-gazing with your partner (fully clothed or not), where you sit cross-legged knee-to-knee, intertwined legs, or even right on your partner’s lap while holding their gaze. It’s such an intense way to connect with your partner, but if you’ve had a bit of Trufelle, you might just be able to do it (nervous giggling included).

The evening festivities didn’t end there because salsa dancing was on the menu! Music blasted through the embedded speakers and everyone danced together, swaying their hips from side to side. Peals of laughter and clapping echoed throughout the house as everyone got a chance to be salsa dipped.

By the end of the night, chocolate cake was brought out to envelop our senses in luxuriousness. With a belly full of mouthwatering food, a mind full of thoughts around what I could incorporate from the ‘playshops’, I went home a renewed person, with a deeper sense of connection to myself.


I can definitely say I’m now more than fine, I’m aroused with curiosity for more TrufElle!

– By Ev Wong


Thank you!


Thank you Ev Wong for taking your time and writing about your experience at a Trufelle party.

Thank you from Lisa, Paula, and Kelly