TrufElle is a movement that provides the tools through chocolates, resources, net-works connections and events to facilitate the awakening of your inner desires and sexuality. Explore our resources and join us for one of our upcoming events if you want to ignite that feeling of intensity and intimacy with your lover.


Our Story

Lisa’s blend of innocence and curiosity put her on a sensual journey to TrufElle. She met her husband while still in high school and after 25 years she became well aware she had to find ways to keep the passion exciting in her marriage. It was around this time that she started experimenting with herbs and chocolates as aphrodisiacs


TrufElle events are a fun and safe way to share stories and learn about sensual desires. Please join us for one of our upcoming events or contact us if you would like to host a TrufElle event with your girlfriends.

Men & Women *Coming* Together

Men & Women *Coming* Together, an evening of playful activation of deep intimacy – with Julia Kovacs

We’ve explored “What Men Want” and “What Women Want”, NOW, join us for this LIVE SEXY DEMO for both men and women coming together to learn powerful intimacy techniques and ignite your deepest passion.

Make it a date night! Send the kids away, or get a babysitter and escape to a hotel room! Don’t distract yourself from the wonderful events! Take a moment and just enjoy your partner.

Friday, July 24, 2020, from 7:30pm to 10:30pm for a Live Training / Instructional practicum zoom couple’s party. Q&A after.

Disclaimer: Please note there will be female and male nudity shown during this training session – you are welcome to have your own audio / video turned off during the event.

Training includes:
Undressing – Discover the seductive art of undressing with the interplay of sensual movements and erotic promise. Learn how slowly undress your partner can exert a strong appeal, build erotic tension, makes you the ultimate tease.
Touching – Through the “Elements of touch” you will learn sensual ways to touch your partner. Each element describes ways of touching or connecting through the whole body and/or genital discovery.
Pussy Massage – Live demo on how to perform orgasmic massage to the yoni (pussy), done with more thoughtfulness, respect, care and desire to bring selfless pleasure to her. The main goal is really about aiding healing our relationship to the pussy and awakening dormant pleasure, it’s meant to be a powerful, transformational experience to embrace your “sacred space where life comes from”, and to gain direct connection to the pussy.
Penis Massage – A tantric practice how to develop a loving relationship to your male partner’s lingham(penis), with the focus on feeling pleasure in your own hands/body as you are connecting with him through the universal sexual chi energetic life force.
Julia is dedicated to empowering everyone to live life fully orgasmic ally. She accomplishes this by working with men and women individually, and in groups, to overcome their past conditioning related to intimacy. The goal is to teach people how to live an orgasmic life each moment of their waking hour. Julia works to change the paradigms of the public’s perception of sex, evolving from shameful junk sex to sacred gourmet sex.
July’s instructional self pleasure + pussy / Penis massage (value of $200) videos will be provided as an added bonus.

Ticket options: Get 3 TrufElle for $20! You have to pick them up at our office (Closest to 1st and Renfrew in Vancouver).

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